Accelerate Contract Negotiations & Increase Sales Revenues

Accordium e-signatures is built for sales professionals and their clients

Boost Productivity, Drive More Sales, Close Deals 10x More Faster

Accordium for Sales is the most cost-effective way to increase team productivity and hit targets. Supercharge your sales floor today with Accordium e-signatures

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Accelerate Sales. Create More Predictable Revenue

Hit your targets every month. Stop wasting resources chasing down document approvals and signatures. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals. Get approvals in minutes, instead of days and weeks

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After implementing e-Signatures, a Sales Department saw their deal close time cut from 2 days to 90% of deals closed in 1 day, 71% of those deals closed in less than 1 hour" - Aragon Research

Close Deals 10x Faster Drive the Conversation Forward with Live Notifications

Timing is everything. Accordium notifies your sales pro as soon as prospect opens and is looking at your agreement. Our real-time notifications give your team the insights they need drive the conversation forward and win more business, faster

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Companies using e-Signatures see on average a 36% Increase in Revenue, 30% Cost Reduction and 25% Increase in Productivity due to less paperwork and time spent on administrative tasks

createAutomate Sales Contracts Boost Your Team’s Productivity

In sales, paperwork is an unfortunate necessity. Multiple versions with several signatures; shipping, printing, signing, scanning, emailing terms back and forth - all comes at a huge cost and hassle for you and your customers. Accordium eliminates this stress with lightning fast signatures, automated workflows and all-digital processes.

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At home, in the office or on the go, electronic signatures enhance your sales team effectiveness and delight your prospects by allowing them to easily sign a sales document anywhere, across any device.